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Spaces for your idea. Promote your brand, reach new customers and increase your revenue. 

Taula store in Orchard Rd gets 1.2million to 1.5million human traffic a year or 120K - 150K monthly… Ideal for businesses such as cosmetics, apparel, arts & crafts, handicraft, purses, fashion, accessories, charities and non-profits
Looking to do a Pop-Up at our Orchard Rd, location? Send us an enquiry below and we will get back within a day. 

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 Here are the pop-up pricing:-

1. Charities and non-profit causes: FREE (we charge a refundable security deposit, and $100 admin fee for a duration of upto 3 days)

2. Pricing: $50/hour, $250/day on weekends and public holidays, $200/day on weekday, $1200/week (please visit our website to see our store hours), we can provide customized pricing for your specific needs as well.

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