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Join us to learn more about starting or growing your career in Digital Marketing in a series of fireside chats with Kanika Mittal, owner of Taula Jewellery. Taula started as an online-only store, e-selling its jewellery via its website and on marketing on social media. It now has a retail presence as well.

Attend any or all of the sessions:

5pm- Getting Started in Digital Marketing- Thinking of starting a career in Digital Marketing? We'll share the best ways to do it successfully.

6:30pm- How to Become an Instagram Influencer- Many people are finding that working as an Instagram Influencer gives them the freedom to pursue their interests and earn a living. Discover the keys to becoming an Instagram Influencer

8pm- Market Your Website with Better SEO- Learn the latest ins and outs of how to help your website get noticed by search engines and the people who use them- your potential site visitors and customers!

These fireside chats will be hosted by Francine Martindale from Content and Systems.


Venue:- CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Chinatown

 When: May 7th, 5-8 pm





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