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About Us

About Us



Taula came to be as a result of a simple goal – to make contemporary fine jewellery accessible to the modern woman. A woman who glides between her relationships as a partner, colleague, friend or caregiver. We give her the opportunity to express herself through high quality jewellery that can transition from the workplace to a fun night out. It's the perfect compliment to a busy lifestyle and fashion choices. An attire paired with the right jewellery, can help project the desired image and is an essential for workwear.

Each piece of our jewellery is designed in-house or curated through our partners, before being crafted in precious metals and coloured gemstones. From Brazilian Amethyst to Sri Lankan Topaz, we delight in combining precious and semi-precious gemstones with high quality metal alloys, 925 Sterling Silver, Gold and brass, to bring innovative designs to our customers.

There are not many gifts which hold their value through time and can be passed down as heirlooms with life’s memories attached to them. At Taula, we endeavor to make our pieces just that - precious, elegant and treasured.

Taula leverages a multi platform retail model, offering our designs in our store at Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road, through department stores such as Isetan Scotts on Orchard Road, as well as online at taula.com, lazada.com and reebonz.com to cater to our global customer base. Please note that products may differ by location.





Taula Experience

Limited Releases of new collections

We keep our new designs fresh, limit their production and never repeat a collection. With time, you will be able to build a personal collection, as unique as you and your life’s journey. Our Taula Classics collection, represents timeless designs we love & would always wear. We like to think of it as our “little black dress”.

Specially Curated Designs

We take great care in designing and selecting pieces with the right aesthetic, feel, and quality to complement your work or casual wear.

7-day Free Return Policy

We have high hopes that you will love our items just as much as we do. However, if you are dissatisfied with any jewellery ordered online, you may return it to us for either a full refund or an exchange, our hassle free 7-day return policy. Taula ensures a stress-free shopping experience every time.

Please refer to the Return instructions included in your purchase. Taula ships its products globally, so the return policy may vary per country depending on local shipping policies and customs. 

Uncompromised Quality

At Taula, our focus is on producing luxury jewellery that will hold value. Accordingly, all our pieces are of high purity Gold and Sterling silver with precious and semi-precious stones. We focus on delivering beautfiul jewelery with true asset value to our esteemed customers.

Value for Money

Our focus on accessibility and direct sourcing, ensures that we deliver terrific value, without middle man markups. Does luxury jewelry come at a reasonable price? We think so.

Authenticity Guarantee

Taula authenticates all of its featured pieces for purity and quality. In addition, each piece is physically and visually evaluated while also being stress tested for quality construction at key points like clasps and hooks. Given the variety of core metals and plating we use, please check with us if you have any question regarding material.


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